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What is Thai Foot Massage?

Thai Foot Massage is a relaxing yet invigorating treatment of the feet and lower legs that was greatly influenced by two of its closest neighbours China and India and their reflexology systems that are thousands of years old. Elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga, Chinese Massage and Thai Acupressure Points are incorporated into this invigorating massage.

This treatment opens up the Sen Lines balancing and harmonising the flow of energy through the body. During the treatment your Therapist will work on your lower legs and feet, so there is no need to undress, simply remove your socks and shoes relax ... it’s a perfect way to put a spring in your step ...

What Are the Benefits of Thai Foot Massage?

This treatment increases flexibility of hips, legs, feet and joints, reducing pain and stiffness. It also:

Thai Foot Massage