Like foot reflexology, this non-invasive treatment is based on the theory that areas on your face are connected to areas of your body, and stimulating them improves underlying energy imbalances to promote well being. It isn’t a facial, but has rather handy beautifying side effects, quite literally ‘lifting’ the face to make it feel and look smoother and more toned. As well as encouraging lymphatic drainage, the massage techniques stimulate the facial nerves, blood flow and muscles, helping to build up new skin tissue and improve skin tone.  

This treatment can be offered with or without fresh face masks, made up of the freshest ingredients including avocado, strawberries, honey, banana, oats etc and tailored to meet the needs of your own facial skin type.  This treatment is fantastic, really love this therapy, it feels amazing and your face looks so bright afterwards with skin glowing and shining eyes.Top of Form

Reflexology Facial - Fresh Face Mask